Why Upgrading a Kitchen Before Selling is a Good Idea?

If you’ve been living in an older house and you’re thinking of selling and moving out, there are a few minor repairs and changes you want to make before listing your house for sale. Some repairs are a requirement by the local authority or by your potential buyer, and yet other repairs or changes are not a must but are very recommended for the simple reason that, if calculated correctly, will raise the value of your property and therefore maximize your selling price /profit.

In so many homes the focal point of the first room is the kitchen. When potential buyers enter your house, one of many others they most likely to browse for before making a decision, they almost automatically are attracted to see and “feel” the kitchen and dining area. Now, while some people cook more then others and the kitchen is the most important room in the house for them, I think all of us would agree that the ‘look’ or the design (pattern, color and style) of the kitchen should be appealing to the buyer who will eventually use this kitchen on a daily basis. This is where we all spend hours cooking and preparing our food and drinks. This is where our guests join us for important meals such as in holidays. This is where our children go to when grabbing a snack or a simple glass of water. And this is where we store our dishes, china, appliances, and of course beverages and food. Therefore, a kitchen should be as useful and convenient as possible, as oppose to a too small, inefficient cabinetry and layout that always make our kitchens look messy and unorganized.

When you’re selling your house you always want to put yourself ‘in the buyer’s shoes’ and try to see the house from their point of view, as people who are about to invest a great deal of money (in most cases with a long term loan), and compare several houses on the market before making their final decision.

When you take the initiative to upgrade your kitchen before listing your house for sale, you’re separating your house from the majority of other comparable properties, by showing and offering a fresh, clean, modern kitchen. Remember that about 80% of the home purchasing is “done online” these days before a potential buyer sets a foot down at your property. A spacious, gorgeous and modern, kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring etc. (and their photos on the internet) can be a definitely good investment as it will cause: more viewers and shares of your listing online, then more offers on your house AND a higher sale amount that will return your investment.

In simple words: you will most likely get your money invested in the kitchen back, sell your home faster then your ‘competition’, and provide your buyers a better experience once they finally move in and bring their groceries into the fresh appliances and cabinets.