What Can I Help You With?

On top of selling kitchen and bathroom’s cabinets, vanity, tops and accessories, we provide installation of any kitchen or bathroom cabinets, tops, tiles, light fixtures, flooring, appliances and more. We assist our clients in every step of the way of the remodeling project on their hands: from consultation to interior design, installations or repairs.

Our team of professionals can assist with any and all house renovations and constructions needs


No Job is Too Small or Too Big!

From replacing your entire bathrooms to simply exchange an old sink or a faucet. From installing a water line to your new fridge’s ice maker to replacing your kitchen’s old floors with new, modern ones… to renovating your entire home with a brand new kitchen, including flooring, light fixtures, fresh paint, new backsplash, sinks etc… From improving your own single house to renovating a multi unit investment property. From simply renewing your kitchen’s counter tops to installing brand new kitchens in a new construction multi family building.

Our services are affordable, quick and professional. We can deliver a whole kitchen or bathroom cabinets in as quick as 48 hours from the moment order is approved in some cases, to only a few days for certain orders.

We dispatch professionals such as a plumber, electrician, cabinetry installer, HVAC experts and more, depending on the urgency of the matter, with a same day service and no longer then 7 business days from your initial contact.

Here is a partial list of the services we provide:

  • Kitchen: cabinet installation, counter tops, backsplash, appliances hookup, flooring, electrical and plumbing.
  • Bathroom: vanity installation, tops, flooring, electrical and plumbing.
  • General constructions: Painting, Siding, framing, walls, floors, windows and doors repair or replacement, roofing, basement, HVAC cooling and or heating systems, and more.