Free Measuring and Consultation in Philadelphia

In Person Meeting

Coming to your location to measure the space designed for your kitchen and bathroom is a crucial step in the remodeling process. When done correctly It makes the entire experience easier, faster, more accurate and without painful mistakes. If you’re located in or around Philadelphia, you get now a full, 100% credit, for the Measuring and Consultation step when proceeding with ordering with us.


For a one time fee of $215 (Fully refundable if order placed with us), we will come to your location to first help you choose the design, look and feel of your next kitchen or bathroom. This is when we can discuss everything! From the color of the actual cabinets, to the floor tiles to the appliances style. I’ll ask stuff like: would you like to have an island and if yes, what style, shape, size and color, or what type of handles you prefer, or for your bathroom: are you going with a tub, a jacuzzi or just a shower..


Then, we will take measurements, draw the layout and prepare your final estimate. Once agreed we can place your order and provide a delivery date within 1-2 business day. Deliveries can take between 3-21 days depending on the order. Call us to learn more.

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