Bathrooms and Kitchens for Home Owners

Have you been living in the same house for a while and thinking about upgrading your bathroom to a fresh new one? Are you sometimes envy at your neighbor’s new, modern kitchen cabinets and appliances and thinking of getting your own new kitchen? Or maybe you recently purchased a new home but strongly feel that an upgrade is necessary…?

When renewing your kitchen you want to use the opportunity and make some long term repairs that will last for years to come. For instance after demolishing your old: kitchen cabinets, tiles, countertops, light fixtures etc. from the kitchen or bath rooms, while the walls are exposed, its time to seal any holes or cracks in the walls that might prevent rodents from entering in the future. Another example is leveling the sub flooring that might have moved or declined over the years and prepare it for the fresh tile or wooden flooring. Some homes have very old style windows and doors that might be replaced with better, energy efficient ones. You might consider installing new pipes and perhaps new electricity components in case they’re too old. If you’re getting new appliances, this is the time to prepare new gas pipes or water line into the fridge’s ice maker for example.

After completing this preparedness step, it’s time to finally pick your next kitchen’s: style, color, shape and size (number of cabinets). You also pick your desired flooring, countertop, backsplash, island cabinets and accessories, light fixatures, appliances, sinks and faucets. Consider always both: the functionality and design of the overall kitchen or bathroom. Functionality means anticipating the number of cabinets and their style and shape to match your own personal needs. If you cook a lot, every day, and have 6 people living in your household, you’d need a totally different kitchen then a family of 3, where both parents work all week and cook mainly on weekends.

And then there’s of course your own personal taste and touch. Some people like darker colors for the cabinets and some light. Some will go with white or light Gray, others with Brown or Blue. Some like 2 door fridges, others prefer 1. Some like tile floors, other wood that matches the rest of the house.